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  • 作家相片Huang Kui


Time Cell

《时间囚环》要空间展览现场 <Time Cell> Yell Space exhibition site

2019,装置 录像 照片,尺寸可变

2019, Installation\video\photograph, variable size

《时间囚环》要空间展览现场 <Time Cell> Yell Space exhibition site


Materials: laser, water droplets, carousel engraved with Morse code, photos, videos, Stellarium, etc.


The work consists of three parts:



1. "Revelation"

The universe tells us by his trajectory that time is our jail and indestructible.

年轮 <Annual ring>


2019, photograph, 180x100cm


The picture is a change in the Milky Way coefficient that humans have observed and calculated over the past 100,000 years, and some "information" that I "turned around" in the universe. I visualize it and trap specific or random time development.

《年轮》局部 <Annual ring>Local

时间囚环,2019,录像 ,1'16"

Time Cell, 2019, video, 1'16"



我用激光和摩斯码告诉水滴里的宇宙:“Nothing can save you even art”

2. "Curse"

I use the laser and Morse code to tell the universe in the water droplet: "Nothing can save you even art"

《时间囚环》要空间展览现场 <Time Cell> Yell Space exhibition site


The way I send information to another universe is to translate my "revelation" into Moss code on a circular disc and send it to another universe with a laser: the universe of microscopic matter, I set these universes in the falling drops.

激光与水滴 Laser and water droplets

激光与水滴 Laser and water droplets

我对另外的宇宙传递的信息是:“Nothing can save you even art”

My message to the other universe is: "Nothing can save you even art"

包含信息的激光穿过下落中的水滴 Laser containing information passes through the falling water droplets

时间囚环现场,2019,录像 ,3'53"

Time Cell site, 2019, video, 3'53"





3. "Ending"

The water droplets finally fall on a high-temperature appliance, boil and immediately evaporate.

Our universe will also dissipate at the end of time.

水滴下落在电炉上(合成图片)The water drop falls on a hotplate (digital composite picture)


The water droplets that have been irradiated by this information finally fall on a high-temperature appliance, boil and immediately evaporate.

水滴的结局,现场录音,2019,声音视频 ,2'26"

The ending of the water droplets, live recording, 2019, sound video, 2'26"


I am trying to find some meaning, some kind of readable information, some kind of "revelation" in the picture of the universe. After my stubborn efforts, it seems that I have received "revelation". The universe tells me with arrogant "language" that we are prisoners of time and are imprisoned in the barrier of indestructible ring. If this is a revelation, I still want to break the "revelation" of this spell. I want to pass this "information" and pass it to another universe. The message is my one of "revelation". Kind of defense.


刻有摩斯码的转盘 Turntable with Morse code


Every decoding is another encoding process——David Lodge  <Small World> 1984


Each encoding is a new fantasy of decoding——Huang Kui<Time Cell> 2019

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